Weight Loss

Ignition Fitness offers a variety of ways to manage your Weight Loss goals with positivity and a unique environment!

See below for the variety of opportunities for joining the Ignition Fitness Family in the Santa Clarita Valley, and get started achieving whole health!

Ignition Fitness offers one-on-one personal training at our facility in Santa Clarita. These sessions offer personalized attention with a trainer working individually on the athlete’s preparation, in-season training & establishing your long-term goals.

Sessions can be scheduled after an InBody Scan to assess the athlete’s current physical state and establish initial goals.

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An extremely popular option for athlete’s looking to achieve their weight loss goals. The Ignition Fitness Family offers an encouraging and fun environment that other like-minded individuals help create.   Each 1-hour session builds muscle & burns calories while you encourage and receive encouragement from the group.  

It is a Great Time Every Time!

Sessions times vary depending on your fitness level, goals and availability.  Try it yourself, contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and pass to one of our small group sessions.

The health of our children is extremely important, and that’s what we focus on here at Ignition Fitness. The goal at our Santa Clarita location is to address your child’s fitness needs while getting their confidence up!

We make getting in shape fun, and when you are having fun, you forget that you are exercising!

Parents are also welcome to ask our trainers to discuss a variety of topics. 

For example: parents often ask our staff to cover topics during our sessions that don’t put the focus on their child’s issues but, rather focus  the issue as a casual learning opportunity on topics like: Basic Diet / portion control, the importance of taking school work seriously, Honesty, Hygiene, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, and Honor to name a few.

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Don’t waste time jumping on a scale and being disappointed! Here at Ignition Fitness, we use state of the art technology to assess your fitness needs and build your goals.

Our trainers use the ”In Body” (from Biospace) to accurately and non-invasively measure and monitor changes in metabolism, mass distribution, body fat weight / percentage & determine whether you are within safe levels of hydration.

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